• Shrink Your Game Size

    The HDK allows you to ship your game under the 50MB limit set by Apple. Users upgrade to HD while in-game.

  • Increase Downloads

    With more users able to download your game OTA, you will have access to more users. You can also consolidate your HD and non-HD games under one SKU.

  • Make More Money

    The HDK displays a game discovery screen while your users wait for their game to upgrade to HD. Populate this screen with your own games!

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Explain this magic.


Explain this magic.

HD Assets Server

A server for the HD assets is set up.

The High Definition Kit relies on a server where the HD assets are stored. This allows you to ship your game with low-rez graphics, reducing the size of your game and the user upgrades the game after downloading from the App Store. While in-game, the user upgrades to HD assets and the HDK replaces all the low rez graphics with high rez assets.

While the HDK is upgrading the game's assets to high definition, your game is able to run in the background. The user is also able browse their device while your game's assets are being upgraded and can come back to a fully optimized game. If a download is interrupted, the assets are rolled back and can be retried at any time. Users are able to upgrade your game on or off of WiFi.

Added Game Discovery

Increase downloads across all your games.

As the user waits for the high definition assets to download from the server, the HDK displays a screen suggesting other games for the user to download. Since the HDK is multi-threaded, the user can jump from this screen into the App Store and download one of your other titles. This allows you to increase downloads of your other products and make more money.

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We are Smoke Labs

Smoke Labs is a mobile gaming startup based in Ottawa, Canada. We have two free-to-play titles currently on the market as well as a host of client work. We are passionate about the game industry and work on a variety of projects, such as this one, that seek to make life a little easier for developers everywhere.

  • Anthony Bongers

    HDK Lead

    I upgrade a lot of games.

  • David Barton

    Game Lead

    I make a lot of levels.

  • Chris Ziraldo

    Lead Tools

    I fork a lot of repos.

  • Jonathan McCaffrey

    Game Lead

    I code a lot of IAPs.

  • Kyle McInnes


    I write a lot of copy.



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